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10 Best Honolulu Wedding Venues

The 10 Best Honolulu Wedding Venues! – Amanda Cassidy Photography

There are so many beautiful wedding venues on the island, but which are some of the best I’ve seen? Let’s jump right into seeing my list of the 10 best Honolulu wedding venues on the island of Hawaii!

There are so many options to get married on the island of Oahu, but which are my favorites and why? It helps so much to have a local’s perspective when you only read surface reviews online. So let’s jump in!

10 best honolulu wedding venues - view of diamond head in waikiki


Why get married in Honolulu over the other islands?


WELL, Oаhu is the thіrd lаrgеѕt in ѕіzе when it comes to the Hawaii islands аnd іѕ a top tоurіѕt dеѕtіnаtіоn with a rich сulturаl bасkgrоund. It does have the most population on this island as well, so that’s something to note. Honolulu is Hawaii’s capitol аnd includes thе iconic Wаіkіkі Bеасh.  Thеrе are mоrе flights to Oаhu from the соntіnеntаl U.S. than to any оf thе other Hаwаііаn Iѕlаndѕ, making it easy to get to.  There are so many оf beautiful spots to visit while you are here, like the North Shore and Ko’olina luaus, so be sure to leave time to explore the island!

Honolulu and Waikiki are the mоѕt convenient spot for соuрlеѕ рlаnnіng a wеddіng when it comes to combining stay with location, but it also comes with tourist crowds and a bigger than expected city to get around. Hеrе you wіll fіnd grеаt restaurants, nіght lіfе, and easy transportation options. However there are many great wedding venues and places to see beyond the city of Honolulu and all over the island, some of which I have listed below.  Check out the list below to see my top pics!


My 10 Bеѕt Honolulu Wеddіng Venues:

1. Kualoa Ranch

kualoa ranch, paliku gardens wedding venue oahu

Paliku Gardens, Kualoa Ranch


So first things first, Kualoa Ranch is technically outside of Honolulu. This is about 45 minutes away from the Waikiki area, but it’s one of the best venues on the island so I’m including it first. The ranch is has been a staple on the island since 1850 and there are multiple sites for you to choose from.

We have the amazing Paliku Gardens (pictured above) and Moli’i Gardens as two of my personal favorites.  Paliku gardens has the amazing mountain views from Jurassic park, while Moli’i gardens features water and you can even opt for a boat ride to the secret island for your ceremony! A truly incredible experience for guests and you as the couple.

Includes: getting ready options, ceremony, and reception all in the same location.  Absolutely stunning and impressive.

Want to see a wedding day at Kualoa Ranch?


2. The Prince Waikiki

print waikiki wedding venue, oahu hawaii

The Prince Waikiki is located in the main city area of Honolulu, and one of its best traits is its convenience and is a more affordable option for couples looking to get married in Hawaii. It has lovely angles for palm trees as well as a ceremony area and reception space all together for an all inclusive venue. You can also head out to the water area for photos, because what’s a wedding in Hawaii without being by the ocean!

Includes: getting ready area at hotel room, ceremony space, and reception area all together. No stress trying to change locations or get a ride across the island.


3. Moana Surfrider Hotel

moana surfrider wedding venue in waikiki

The Moana Surf Rider hotel is in the heart of Waikiki and has a beautiful view of Diamond Head for some portraits that I just love. This venue is another affordable option for couples who want to get ready in their room, have a lovely ceremony and then party at the beach for the rest of the week. I think the aesthetic here is really clean and chic, and is perfect for a small getaway with your closest family and friends.

Includes: getting ready options, ceremony, and reception all in the same location.  The convenience of the city and not needing to travel anywhere are here.


4. Maleana Gardens

maleana gardens wedding venue on oahu hawaii in kailua

Located in Kailua and my favorite little town area on the island, this venue is perfect for small wedding days with an elegant twist.  It mixes a Hawaiian and European aesthetic and their planners take the time to help you create the perfect intimate wedding day.  It is right on the edge of Kailua Bay Beach where you can step out and take photos and have your guests enjoy the world famous beaches on Oahu.  The owners are amazing and there are a few rooms for you and close guests to stay for your wedding day accommodations!  This venue is best for 30 guests or less.

Includes: getting ready options, ceremony, and reception all in the same location.  Ask if bungalow is booked for staying for a few nights!


5. Turtlе Bay Resort

turtle bay resort wedding photography

** This venue is not in Honolulu, it’s on the North Shore. Turtle Bay Resort has been newly renovated, so it is even more luxurious than it was before. It is best known for being the featured hotel in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, but it looks very different now after the renovations, so check the updated photos online before you try and match the scene to the lobby.

The biggest difference with this hotel vs many of the others on the list is that it is located at the very top of the island, instead of the bottom like Waikiki. What does this mean?

It’s an hour away from the city, the airport, and everything else. So that can be a con… or it can be a fabulous change if you aren’t one for the bustle of the city life. Once you’re up here you are much closer to the iconic Haleiwa and the surfer beaches that makes Hawaii so special. 

Includes: getting ready options, ceremony, and reception all in the same location


6. Four Seasons Resort in Ko’Olina

fourt seasons resort wedding venue in koolina on oahu, hawaii

The Four Seasons Resort is also not technically in Honolulu, but is in a major area that tourists often stay at on the island called “Ko’olina”. This area boasts the more secluded and high end resorts, at about 30 minutes away from the Honolulu airport. The weddings here will have more space than Waikiki resort weddings, often with greenery areas like this one at the Four Seasons Resort. It also has a beautiful beach access with much less people around than you would get at one of the Waikiki beahces!

Includes: ceremony, and reception all in the same location.  Can easily have a hotel room booked just a few minutes away for getting ready.


7. Queen Kapiolani Hotel

The Queen Kapiolani Hotel is one of the best Honolulu wedding venues because of its view. It’s really through “Deck”, their restaurant that boasts amazing views right at Diamond Head, one of the most well known landmarks in Hawaii. Its ceremony space is beautiful and big enough for a larger party, with an attached reception room right there to make things easy and fun for your guests. You can walk across the street for greenery photographs, and have access to the beach for sunset photos as well.

Includes: Iconic views, rentable room for getting ready, ceremony space and reception space


8. Cafe Julia

Cafe Julia is located in downtown Honolulu and has a really sophisticated look that sets it apart from other venues on the island. It has a European feel with light beige walls and pillars that really come off as a luxurious aesthetic. There’s a pool area that’s beautiful for reflection portraits, as well as a fantastic ceremony and reception area that makes this a favorite for a photographer and for guests and couples alike!

Includes: Convenience to other getting ready locations in Honolulu, ceremony space, reception space


9. The Halekulani Hotel

halekulani wedding, best honolulu wedding venues

The Halekulani Hotel is one of the most classic looking hotels for a wedding in Waikiki in my opinion. It has more of a timeless feel that makes it seem like it’s been around for ages. And… well it has! It is one of the oldest hotels in Waikiki, opening in 1883 and has a long legacy of treating guests to a luxury experience.

I like that this hotel has a lot of white, so very bridal feeling and also is attached to one of my favorite restaurants in Waikiki. House Without a Key is an experience, with performances and views right on the ocean. It’s definitely a great way to treat your guests and each other to a beautiful wedding experience so that’s why it’s made the best Honolulu wedding venues list!

Includes: Convenience, photogenic area, getting ready location in a room, ceremony and reception options.


10. The Royal Hawaiian

royal hawaiian, best honolulu wedding venues

If you’re looking for unique, then the Royal Hawaiian Hotel may be your best bet. This resort is super recognizable, even from very far away with its beautiful pink walls and black and white floors. Built in 1927, this resort has always stood out and thrilled guests, naming itself the Pink Palace.

Weddings here are gorgeous, with the green area blocked off for ceremonies and the pink building in the background and the ocean in the front (or reversable). It has so many cute spots for photos on the grounds, and is one of my personal favorites.

Includes: Convenience by located in the city, unique and iconic, getting ready location in a room, ceremony and reception options.


There are so many ways to have your DREAM wedding day celebration on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. These are some of my personal favorites for a Honolulu wedding day, but I don’t think there’s any wrong way to get married here! Reach out for more information on how you can have the wedding day you’ve been hoping for on the island and I can help you and your ohana have an amazing time!

Hey, I’m Amanda Cassidy, professional wedding photographer based on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.


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