Waimanalo Beach: Oahu Family Photographer

I’m not going to lie… I’m a morning person. I love waking up before the alarm, sipping on coffee, and enjoying the sky change colors while the house is calm and enjoying some quiet time. But when it comes to sunrise sessions I always sleep a little lighter the night before and feel a bit more tired. That is till I arrive to the beach, hear the ocean, and start photographing sweet faces.

Mornings can be hard. Waking up, being ready to chases kids around the sand, and curious as to how many clouds are in sight and what colors the sky will bring. BUT, I’m always glad when I book these sessions.

There’s just something special about waking up with the sun and feeling accomplished so early in the morning. Here are some favorites from a recent family session at Waimanalo Beach Park a handful of weeks back.


Oahu Family Photographer