I do not own a dog myself but I have serval friends with fur babies! This sweet girl has been loved by her mom for 13 years now and so when her mom called in some what of a panic to have pictures done the same day I had to say YES!

Lola went in for surgery yesterday to remove a few cancerous tumors. I mean how sad is that! Her mom wanted a few pictures of her done since it had been over 6 years from her last photo session. I followed Lola around her home... as her mom fed her treats to "smile at the camera" I simply just captured her in her comfortable spots. Her favorite spot curdled up on the sofa, lounging on the rug by the back door, and relaxing in the grass... because who doesn't like to sunbathe! 

Lola... I'm wishing you a successful and speedy recovery! And to Lola's mom... she is in good hands being LOVED by YOU.