Velvet turns 25!

Y'all... this 25th birthday photo shoot... I mean I think the photos speak for themselves. This was not Velvet's idea. I mean it could have been and that would have been totally awesome... but it was something I thought about doing when I was home last week looking up cakes on Pinterest to make for her birthday party. Of course when I asked Velvet if she would do this she didn't hesitate. She is always up for my crazy photo sesh ideas. I mean not that this is super edgy and out there but she isn't turning 1 so It was a little funny when people drove by to congratulate her on her birthday and say "how cute" as if she was having her 1st birthday shoot!  :)

Velvet, thanks for being a great sport. Thanks for letting me set up a silly home studio in my living room and thanks for braving the heat. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that your 25th year of life is the best yet! 


(We didn't do that smash-the-cake part of the shoot. We opted for confetti. I'm not sure if it was mostly because of the mess or becasue the cake was just too pretty to smash!)