Throw back Tuesday {Little Rock, Arkanas Wedding Photographer}

Hey guys! How's summer going for everyone so far? I've been pretty busy but I've slowed down for a bit to stop and do office/behind the scenes stuff. You know- the boring stuff BUT the stuff that HAS to get done. My feet are thankful to take a rest after a LONG day shooting a beautiful wedding this past weekend BUT my brain is already tired from editing and emailing and phone calls all day. So it's definitely felt like a Monday over here... BUT then I got this idea... tomorrow is Tuesday and so why not do a "Throw Back Tuesday" post for fun!?!? 

John and Brittany celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary this past week and so I wanted to share this beautiful wedding with you again. I loved everything about their wedding. They were all smiles from their first look to the exit through streamers at The Clinton Library. Brittany and John were a dream to work and I just loved everything about their wedding day!

Enjoy my favorites below!