Happy 1st Birthday Joseph! {Little Rock,AR Photographer}

One of my favorite events to photograph are celebrations... and birthday parties for little ones are at the top of that list! 

Not every party needs a "professional" photographer to be around snapping photos. BUT some parties do! 1st birthday parties are so fun to be at! Family and friends gather around to celebrate the 1st birthday of a sweet life. Many family members haven't seen each other in awhile and that just adds to the joy of the day.

The lighting may not be that "golden" end of the day light and the decorations aren't necessarily made by Martha Stewart... but family together is worth so much more. Not only do moms and dads get to be in the photos... they are off the hook for making sure their little ones memories are being documented. 

Thank you to the Parrish family for having me capture Joseph's first birthday celebration! I can tell by all his family and friends that he is well loved! Enjoy a few favorites of mine below! :)